The “Albergo Diffuso”: a story of the places and the people who inhabited them.

A bit like home and a bit like hotel, this is the new form of hospitality that is called Albergo Diffuso. It was born from the idea of utilising for touristic purposes houses of the historical centre brought back to life. Its components are located in different buildings, which are located within the same urban core. The adjective “Diffuso”, thus indicates a horizontal structure, with rooms and facilities situated in different locations, although close to each other, and not vertical like that of traditional hotels.

The Albergo Diffuso aims to offer guests the experience of living in the historical centre of a town in contact with the residents, having the usual hotel services at their disposal. It can be considered a model of development of the territory that does not create environmental impact. In fact, to give life to an Albergo Diffuso it is not necessary to build anything, since it is limited to recover, restore, enhance and create a network that already exists.

This type of accommodation is characterized by the original atmosphere: allows tourists to enjoy the experience of staying in houses and buildings designed to be real homes, without affecting the culture, the environment and the identity of places. His unique style reflects both the personality of those who wanted it and the spirit of the area.
In an Albergo Diffuso they do not sell rooms, but the lifestyle of a place; that is, the tourist may feel temporary resident. It is a form of tourism in close contact with the places, the daily life, the traditions of a place and the people who inhabit it.